Product Badges Module

Product Badges Module

Introducing the Product Badges module for the ShopBuilder! Easily enhance your online shop with cool badges. Whether showing off special deals or highlighting product features, this module lets you add eye-catching image badges and customize text badges. Your customers will love the extra flair it brings to their shopping experience!

Product Badges

To use our product badges module, simply switch on the module and
configure it as per your needs.

Customisable Badges Design

Easily design and customize badges to suit your branding and promotional needs.

Versatile Badge

Choose from a variety of badge types including image badges and text badges.

Expandable Badge

Add multiple badges to each product, allowing for enhanced product showcasing.

Dynamic Badge

Display dynamic content such as featured, on-sale, or best-selling badges to attract customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ShopBuilder is a WooCommerce page builder plugin for WordPress that provides users with a customizable and user-friendly interface to create and manage online stores. Below are some frequently asked questions about ShopBuilder.

No, ShopBuilder requires WooCommerce to function properly as it is a plugin specifically designed to enhance the e-commerce features of WooCommerce on WordPress.

To add a wishlist feature to your online store created with ShopBuilder, you can use the Wishlist module provided by ShopBuilder. The Wishlist module allows customers to add products to their wishlist for future reference or purchase.

To use ShopBuilder, you need a self-hosted WordPress website running on PHP 7.4 or later, with the latest version of Elementor page builder plugin and WooCommerce installed.

To add a product comparison feature to your online store created with ShopBuilder, you can use the Compare module provided by ShopBuilder. The Compare module allows customers to select multiple products and view their specifications side by side for easy comparison.