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ShopBuilder Modules

ShopBuilder’s modules, such as the Wishlist, compare, etc enhance
the  user experience of your e-commerce shop.

WooCommerce Variation swatches

Woocommerce variation swatches plugin converts the product variation select fields into radio, images, colors, and labels. By using this Variation swatches for WooCommerce Plugin, you can display your product variation attributes in images, colors, and label.

WooCommerce Variation Gallery

Variation Images Gallery for WooCommerce plugin allows to add UNLIMITED additional images for each variation of product.

Product Comparison Module

With the Woocommerce Product Comparison tool, customers can select specific products they’re interested in and create a comparison table. This table presents a clear overview of each product’s attributes, making it easier for customers to identify the differences and similarities between items.

Product Sales Notification module

Enhance customer engagement and urgency with the Woocommerce Product Sales Notification feature. The Woocommerce Product Sales Notification feature showcases pop-up notifications or subtle counters indicating how many units of a product have been sold recently.

Wishlist Module

With the Woocommerce Wishlist Module, customers can easily add items to their wishlist while browsing your store. This feature is particularly helpful for shoppers who are not ready to make an immediate purchase but want to keep track of products they like.

Product Quick view Module

The Woocommerce Quick View feature offers a convenient way to preview product details without leaving the current page. This tool enhances the user experience by allowing customers to quickly access key information about a product without navigating to a separate product page.

Product Flash Sale Module

The Woocommerce Flash Sales feature is a powerful tool designed to create a sense of urgency and boost sales on your e-commerce platform. With the Woocommerce Flash Sales feature, you can schedule and manage these time-sensitive campaigns effortlessly.

mini Cart Module

The Woocommerce Mini Cart feature offers a convenient way to provide a concise and convenient way for customers to view and manage their shopping cart contents without leaving the current page

Product Size Chart Module

The Woocommerce Product Size Chart feature provides customers with detailed sizing information to help them choose the right fit for their body or preferences. When customers find the right size easily, they are more likely to have a positive shopping experience. 

Quick Checkout Module

The Woocommerce Quick Checkout feature streamlines the checkout process, making it faster and more convenient for customers to complete their purchases. By minimizing the number of steps and form fields, a quick checkout module reduces friction and simplifies the checkout process.

Multi-Step Checkout Module

The ShopBuilder plugin elevates WooCommerce with its multi-step checkout, dividing the purchase into manageable phases. This enhancement minimizes cart abandonment, enhances the shopping experience, and boosts conversion rates for a more efficient and user-friendly e-commerce platform.

Product Badges Module

Introducing the Product Badges module for the ShopBuilder! Easily enhance your online shop with cool badges. Whether showing off special deals or highlighting product features, this module lets you add eye-catching image badges and customize text badges. Your customers will love the extra flair it brings to their shopping experience!

Back Order Module

The Back Order Module lets customers buy items even when they’re out of stock. It tells them when the item will be back. Customers stay updated on availability and get notified. This makes shopping easier and keeps customers happy. With simple setup and customization, the Back Order Module is a great tool for any online store to boost sales and customer satisfaction.

Customize My Account Module

Introducing “Customize My Account” – a versatile module designed to enhance your WooCommerce store’s user experience. Easily personalize the My Account page with custom navigation, custom endpoints, and dynamic content management. Improve customer experience with a simple, intuitive, and engaging account interface.

Pre-Order Module

We are excited to introduce the Pre-Order Module, which enables you to offer products for pre-order, allowing your customers to reserve items before they are available for general sale. Whether launching a new product, managing inventory, or creating buzz for upcoming releases, the Pre-Order Module provides an easy solution to enhance your e-commerce capabilities.

Currency Switcher Module

We are delighted to introduce the Currency Switcher Module, a highly anticipated feature in the ShopBuilder Plugin. This module empowers your online store to display prices in multiple currencies, catering to a global customer base. With the Currency Switcher Module, you can enhance the shopping experience for international customers, boost conversions, and streamline the process of managing multi-currency transactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lightweight suite of WooCommerce solution for Elementor with lazingfast ing speed, packed with.

No, ShopBuilder requires WooCommerce to function properly as it is a plugin specifically designed to enhance the e-commerce features of WooCommerce on WordPress.

To add a wishlist feature to your online store created with ShopBuilder, you can use the Wishlist module provided by ShopBuilder. The Wishlist module allows customers to add products to their wishlist for future reference or purchase.

To use ShopBuilder, you need a self-hosted WordPress website running on PHP 7.4 or later, with the latest version of Elementor page builder plugin and WooCommerce installed.

To add a product comparison feature to your online store created with ShopBuilder, you can use the Compare module provided by ShopBuilder. The Compare module allows customers to select multiple products and view their specifications side by side for easy comparison.